T-BIZ Innovation Solutions Suite

Alata Multi Interactive Screen

As mobile device becomes increasingly popular in classrooms around the world, educators are exploring ways to overcome some of the challenges these technologies present to unlock their true potential. Our Alata Interactive Screen allows you to unleash the power of collaboration and inspire amazing in your classroom.

Discover Unlimited Classroom potential

  • Improved Learning Experience
  • Fully Interactive
  • Multi Classroom Teaching
  • Instant Coursework distribution to all students (via tablet or email)


Live streaming of the screen content to all devices connected to it. Able to support up to 5000 concurrent users. Enable students and teachers to collaborate in real time environment, regardless in the classroom or off campus.

That is how simple we have innovated the streaming section for educational portals. Improved and a better streaming feature.

Multiple Device Support

Bring your own device (Tablet, Laptops & Mobile). Able to support all range of devices using HTML5.

Users may choose to use their tablet and game console together, both connected to a VPN for secure access to entertainment content. Connect on their children’s mobile devices to protect them from the dangers of public Wi-Fi networks.

For our typical users who work on-the-go, the ability to switch between desktop and mobile devices is critical. As users increasingly come to expect consistent performance and a coherent look and feel across their devices, how can we make sure that we deliver a great user experience with Alata Solutions? The answer is through responsive and adaptive design.

Instant Connectivity

Immediate connectivity without prior installation of any applications. Convenient and fast connectivity before streaming. 2D scan barcode enables immediate connection to the streaming group.

Instant connectivity whenever you need it. Designed specially to fulfill the needs of all organizations with an ease of connectivity, providing the best connectivity solutions.

Video Playback

Supports video playback. Lecture sessions can be recorded and post it on the education portal for easy reference.

When it comes to online video streaming, most video platforms only allow viewers a single playback option: press the Play button, and the video plays back at normal speed. However, modern video platforms offer viewers a range of playback options that enable people to change the rate of speed by which the video is presented.

While the idea of playing back a video in anything other than regular speed may seem odd, it’s a feature that many students find is nearly as indispensable as lecture capture itself.

Educational Portal

A portal system that manages all the videos and teaching materials. Students can join a virtual classroom and listen to the lecture while simultaneously viewing the presentation.

Join a class session in the Education Portal for remote distance learning. Moreover, you may purchase video lectures for revision.

Manage all your materials through our education portal made simpler and advanced for your use.

Formative Assessments

Real - time assessment (Pre - prepared or on - the spot questions). Gauge students’ progress exactly when you need to with the embedded formative assessment tool.

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