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Alata Solutions Sdn Bhd is at the pinnacle of IT services extending the best and latest in technological implementations. The company collaborates its excellence by providing high quality technological expertise, to the utmost satisfaction of all clients.

The Alata Solutions Project Implementation & Support Team (PS-Team) comprises of professionals who strive to offer you, the best consulting services in IT. Such comprehensive consulting services provided has been helping small, medium and large enterprises achieve their performance excellence. Let us handle the business optimization and business promotion, while the client can focus on their core business activities without being distracted.

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Alata Solutions understands technology and also appreciates that technology is a means to an end. We consult you based on the best modern technologies to achieve that end and to enable you to fulfill your business needs, letting you to prosper beyond your expectations.

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Alata Solutions is proud to offer a full range of consulting services to meet the needs of today competitive organizations. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Business Technology Optimization: Ensures the optimal integration of people, process and technology.

Software Solutions Development: Designing, creating and implementing
Info Connects applications that empower people, organization to meet their goals.

Training: Ensuring the smooth assimilation of new technology for maximum productivity

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