Store & Manage Documents

To store and manage your business documents intelligently in a centralized repository, allowing businesses to operate in a paperless environment and automates processes, ensuring security in the migration, safe-keeping and retrieval of records both in peacetime & crisis.

DPO Production Process

  • Document Preparation (remove Staples, Document Culling, Repair, etc)
  • Document Scanning (single Sheet manual feeding)
  • Image Prep (de – skewing, re – orientation, blank dropping, signature cropping)
  • Image QC (to ensure completeness of image)
  • Double Entry (tallying data between 1st and 2nd indexer)
  • Final Realease & Check (conduct check on the entire document process)
  • Reverse Document Preparation Process (staple and file all documents to its original filing system)

Information Security Approach

BPO Information Security Approach

Centralized Processing System

  • Server level processing – no data saved in local hard disk
  • Fully locked down workstations
  • Isolated network

Server Access Control

  • Controlled access to server room.
  • Server room access logbook tracking
  • Dedicated server for respective projects.
  • Dual password access. Operations Manager & Project Manager / Support.

Manpower Background

  • Manpower criminal background check
  • NDA signage

CCTV Monitoring

  • Full CCTV coverage
  • 24/7 basis with recording function

Dedicated Lockers

  • Dedicated lockers for all operators
  • No personnel belongings in BPO operations Centre
  • Ad-hoc body checks

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