With Alata’s innovative products, we have prospered in producing solutions for many challenging applications in industry, logistics, transport, medical and libraries. Using our products guarantees a high level of security and fast, accurate, perfect data capture.

With innovative, state of the art labels, Alata Auto ID Solutions makes a significant contribution for complex requirements in a wide range of industries.

We offer original solutions supporting e.g. production and warehouse management, prepared using the latest technology of automatic identification of goods and products. Many years of experience of Alata’s professional staff allow not only to prepare the software that meets customers’ expectations, but also on the selection of the best solutions for a wide range of AutoID devices.

Asset Tracking Overview

It is a time saving approach that enables to speed up asset audit process by using mobile terminals or scanners to track asset.

  • Assets Adult Trail (track asset changes & movement)
  • Asset Registration (with Batch option)
  • Asset Inquiry & Reports Generation

Document Tracking Overview

It offers full transparency throughout the lend-and-borrow processes that require less effort of tracking important documents security.

Inventory Tracking Overview

Proficient to deliver significant improvement on warehouse operations by giving your company a greater control and visibility on your inventory.

  • Track product availability information for items that you keep in stock
  • Keep up to date on vendor inventory for drop shipped products
  • Sync inventory information across your ecommerce channels

Barcode Printing Overview

Bar Tender is the leading true Windows barcode label software program. This professional label design and bar code software tool has powerful features for compliance labels and integration with enterprise software.

Delivery Tracking solutions

Improve your internal accountability by being able to track your delivery. Alata Solutions make delivery tracking easy and uses the most advanced technology available for their clients.

Warehouse Management Solutions

When it comes to producing a real-time warehouse, Alata conveys you true end-to-end solutions. Alata benefits your company dispute increasing complexities by automating processes and simplifying operations.

Alata offers best-of-breed warehouse management solutions that make distribution businesses run healthier.

Whether it be improving picking and shipping rates, reducing inventory, improving inventory accuracy, or advanced functions, Alata understands the warehouse as a crucial cog in the supply chain machine – it needs to run smoothly to keep your business profitable.

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