Manage your Documents

To store and manage your business document intelligently in a centralized repository, allowing business to operate in a paperless environment and automates processes, ensuring security in the migration, safe-keeping and retrieval of records both in peacetime and in crisis.

Document Management Capabilities

Manage digital documents / Centralized information repository / Usability / Distribution / Security / Versatile and Scalability / Collaboration / Integration / Encryption AES256 / Single Sign On (SSO)

Document Management Solutions Features

Document Retention / Search Capability / Document Routing / Broadcasting / Audit Trail Report / Automatic Processing / Mail Notification / Workflow / Version Control / Other Features

Document Tracking System

The Document Tracking System is an innovative system that allows organizations to effectively control the most updated movement of the documents and improve document processing qualities. It adopts barcode technology that allows authorized users to log on at any time to retrieve and monitor documents in their movement, filing, location, archival, retention and destruction of documents.

Proof of delivery

In a typical business scenario, claims for non-delivery or short-delivery of goods may be made on a regular basis. In this event, delivery orders are required to serve as a proof of delivery, the tracking of which is a common challenge faced by many organization. The integrated Proof of Delivery sub-Module allows organizations to effectively keep track of the status of daily delivery orders; plus, authorized users will also have quick and easy access to identify any unreturned/pending delivery order at the press of a button. Payment collection is also improved by having the delivery order as Proof of Delivery at all times.

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