Convert documents while scanning

Digitization means far more than scanning existing photos or office documents. Alata’s scanning solutions convert your files (from any format) into usable electronic data & transfers it to a digital archive for your office needs.


No matter what the request – scanning of large volumes, phased transition from physical to digital, scan on demand – Alata Scanning Solutions can deliver your digitized files:

  • In the format & carrier of your preference, or
  • Viewable online via a secure platform with the ability to determine authorization to certain staff members.
  • Gain: Space, time & therefore money.
  • One Source: Data & processes are streamlined on a single platform.
  • Improved Communication: Simplify the exchange of documentation & information, both internally & externally.
  • Efficiency: Improve work processes & productivity, enabling you to respond faster to the needs of your customers.
  • Safety: Increase the security of your data.

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